Does music really help you read better?

If you like to read, chances are you’ll have often wondered about the effects that listening to music has on your reading.

Whether you are staunchly for or against this type of multi-tasking – this is a debate that everyone has an opinion on.

While some insist that reading is an almost sacred activity, which should be conducted in silence to allow you to fully enter the story, and absorb all of the author’s intentions, many others insist that music can greatly enhance the music-making experience and make it all the more immersing.

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How Background Music Affects Your Brain

Here at GBM Music, we’re always banging on about the effects of good background music on the brain. There’s no doubt that music effects different people in different ways, but it’s fascinating to see the true power music has on everything from concentration to education.

We also love to see a good infographic, so here’s a great one from the University of Florida – check it out and let us know what you think!



The Psychology of Music

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