Making music on a TV remote – full review of Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z

After years of speculation, teasers and delays, the world has finally been introduced to Teenage Engineering‘s latest wonder device, the OP-Z.

The Swedish company’s OP-1, has already gone down as both a synth and design classic, and was a genuinely revolutionary product on its release, packing incredible power into a tiny case – with a focus on fun, portability, and also productivity.

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Is the MPC Live a Rip-Off?

At £800, the MPC Live was already a costly investment for any musician looking to take advantage of the legendary workflow, and chunky pads. Add in the fact that a couple of weeks before it was finally released, the price was quietly ramped up by a whopping £160 for those who hadn’t pre-ordered, and a fair few people were left feeling bemused and angry.

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