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Music inspired by the Pomodoro Technique to help you be more productive and achieve more

The Pomodoro Technique is a well known productivity method, which effectively breaks down large tasks into smaller, more managable chunks. By focussing on a specific task for 25 minutes at a time, you can get more done, be more productive, and make important progress towards your goals.

Our new song, which is exactly 25-minutes long, is designed to guide you through a perfect ‘pomodoro’ leaving you free to focus on achieving your goal.

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How to use our productivity song

At its core, the Pomodoro Technique is all about breaking big projects down into smaller tasks, and tackling them for 25 minutes at a time. Our 25 minute composition is the perfect musical accompaniment to each block of time, or ‘Pomodoro’

For (much) more detail on the fantastic Pomodoro Technique, you can buy the book by its creator, Francesco Cirillo, on Amazon here.

Using the phone for productivity
Choose a task to focus on

The first thing to do is to decide what you will focus on for the next 25 minutes. Maybe it’s writing a blog post, doing emails, or some work on your creative project…

Hit play and begin working

Once you know what you are working on, you’re ready! Hit play on our song and enjoy our inspiring track as you work on your task.

Take notes, but keep working

When the urge to procrastinate strikes, stay strong. Make a note of what you wanted to Google and keep on working, safe in the knowledge that you can check it the second your 25 minute session has expired.

When the music stops, stop!

Once the music stops, and the voice prompts you to stop, step away and relax for five minutes. This will give your brain space to refresh, and offers you a chance to check up on the distractions that seemed to tempting during your work time – chances are they won’t seem as interesting now!

Take a break, and then do it again!

The Pomodoro Technique recommends four 25-minute  ‘pomodoro’ sessions in a row, with each followed by a five minute break. After the fourth you can take a longer, 20-minute break to recharge. We suggest starting with these timings before experimenting to see what works best for you. Stick with it, because the results can be amazing!

Music can have a positive influence on productivity – but it should be lyric-free so it’s not distracting, and it should have a simple structure that’s why our song has a single beat throughout and develops slowly 

Studies show that human speech (such as office noise) is particularly distracting 2our music can mask voices, allowing you to focus properly and make the most of each ‘pomodoro’ 

Evidence suggests popular music can be more distracting 3 Music with adverts between songs can also affect focus – our music is all original, creative and interesting, making it a great alternative to Spotify.

Familiar music can keep you focussed. Music can also improve your mood, which has a positive effect on productivity 4 – after a few listens, our song will keep you on track and nodding along as you work. 

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