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Original music for your creative projects

There is a lot of great music available in our music library, but if you want something unique for your project, we can work with you to create the perfect soundtrack.

Your composition will be unique, and created to your brief. Get in touch to find out more.

Or perhaps some of our exisitng music is a good fit? Get in touch to learn more about affordable licensing.

Films and TV

Whether it’s a short film, trailer or television programme, we can create music to enhance what’s on the screen and create the perfect atmosphere.

Gyms | Cafes | Meditation

Every gym, cafe, fitness group and meditation class needs an effective and inspiring soundtrack. Work with GBM Music to create your science-inspired background music.


Take your YouTube videos to the next level, with our bespoke music, which is the perfect accompaniment to vlogs, or any content on your channel. 


Take your business presentations to the next level with bespoke background music, designed to keep your audience focussed, and improve information retention.

Hotels and Restaurants

Create the perfect atmosphere with our bespoke background music. Use carefully designed, relaxing music to deliver a stunning experience and stand out from the crowd.


Great games needs stunning soundtracks. We can help you take yours to the next level, using music to enhance the experience, and immerse the user in your worlds.

Talk to us about your project, or get a no obligation quote today:

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