Whatever business you’re in, pitching your presentations just right can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to look smooth and professional, like you know exactly what you’re doing and are completely confident in everything that you’re saying.

On the other, it’s important to also show a little vulnerability, so your audience can connect with you on a human level, and buy into the messages you’re trying to share with them.

There’s nothing worse than a cheesy corporate video or presentation. Hitting business cliches with your synthy 80s music and bizarre slide transitions will instantly turn off an audience, distracting from the message you’re trying to deliver, no matter how relevant or interesting what you have to say actually is.

If you’re going to use background music for your business presentation or video, you need to ensure it’s there for a reason, and that you are using to have a specific influence on your audience.

Using the right background music to make your presentations pop

One of the best ways to ensure that your presentation stands out from the crowd, and feels fresh and important, is to use effective background music.

I’m not talking the usual cheesy, royalty-free clips, which will have your audience squirming in their chairs. But carefully selected music, which gently emphasises your point, or adds to the overall impact of your presentation can have a surprisingly important effect.

Used correctly, good background music can help you to deliver your messages loud and proud, as you gently touch on emotional buttons, or convey a certain mood or atmosphere.

Whether it’s a moving anecdote or a background song that you can use to set the tone and keep the momentum tight, this shouldn’t be a decision that you make without putting some thought into it.

Remember, you can also use music to cue your presentation and keep things ultra slick. Choosing the right song really can make or break your presentation.

The type of music you choose also sends out messages about the type of business you are. A modern, forward thinking company will want to use music that reflects that. Using substandard, or unprofessional sounding, music will convey the opposite impression.

So next time you’re taking to the stage to deliver a key message, take the time to think about whether music could enhance your business presentations, and be sure to spend some time choosing the right soundtrack for the information you want to convey.

We have a wide range of background music available. Here are a couple of our most popular options for business presentations and videos.

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