Background Music
for Hotels 

Original, science-inspired music for your hotel

Hotels have a unique opportunity to use music and audio to create a bespoke, spa-like experience for their guests. The top hotels are already using carefully designed music and mindfulness apps to create a great guest experience. Your hotel can too.

Whether it’s helping them fall asleep in an unfamiliar setting, relax after a long day of meetings, or blocking external noise for extra privacy, music can play an important role in how guests perceive your hotel, and how well taken care of they feel.  We can work with you to create unique audio experiences for your guests, which perfectly reflect your brand values and have a lasting impact on customers.

Show that you are taking their relaxation and wellbeing seriously and stand out from the crowd by using music to refresh and rejuvenate your guests.

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Music and binaural beats for hotels

A Unique Selling Point

Most hotels haven’t caught onto the benefits of offering their guests audio experiences. While some of the world’s biggest chains have – from Marriott to Novotel – you can be one of the first to roll out bespoke musical experiences to aid with relaxation.

Reduce Stress

Health and wellbeing are important topics at the moment – and only going to get bigger as people learn more of the need to take care. Help your guests to enjoy improved sleep and less stress when they stay away from home – they will love you for it!

Get More Bookings

Guests want to feel comfortable and relaxed when they stay in an unfamiliar hotel. Music can play a key role in creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for your guests. Provide a good night’s sleep and they are much more likely to return and re-book.

How it works:

  • Get in touch with us to discuss your business

  • Our friendly team will talk to you understand your needs and discuss ideas with you

  • We can work on a bespoke project for your needs, or save money by licensing existing music, which you can offer to guests straight away.

  • Use our music in areas of your hotel, or offer guests access to personal listening devices, so they can enjoy private audio experiences tailored to their needs – be it relaxing, focussing on some work, or sleeping better.

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Example of our music for hotels:

This song is designed to guide guests into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Create a bespoke musical experience for your hotel:

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