Sometimes getting yourself stuck in the studio can be limiting to your creativity. You stick to the same routine, the same starting points, and often this can restrict how adventurous you are.

This is hardly revolutionary, but a simple and effective trick for reinvigorating your creative juices is to simply get out and try working somewhere else. I’m writing this very blog from a coffee shop, and simply being in a different environment – and getting a tasty 200 Degrees coffee makes for a nice break, and also a productive one.

I’ve just finished some work on a couple of new tracks as well, so am feeling particularly invigorated by this kind or remote working. My only recommendation would be to remember some noise cancelling earphones, as the cafe’s music can be a little distracting.

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut, try heading out for a change of scenery – it might just do you and your productivity levels a world of good.