It can’t have escaped your notice that health and mental well-being, are major topics and talking points at the moment. Taking care of yourself and your body and mind, is crucial in today’s hectic society, and big business – including hotel chains – have not failed to notice that trend.

We believe that music is a great way to encourage and motivate positive habits, and one area where we are particularly seeing a surge of interest is with hotels recognising the benefits of audio, to deliver an easy to roll out service that goes above and beyond their guests expectations, and fits perfectly with their brand values.

Hotels are getting mindful

Recently, JW Marriott Nashville teamed up with a ‘bio-tuning’ company called Tune, in order to provide their guests with access to high-quality audio, which is designed to help with relaxation and mindfulness.

It’s clear that JW Marriott properties have identified the audio as a superb way to highlight their focus on mindfulness, and helping their customers enjoy a spa-like experience.

While the science behind binaural beats, is perhaps a little more hazy than many claims make out, there is little doubt that hotels can and should be working with service providers who can offer a simple and effective way to improve their guest experience.

Novotel and Calm form major partnership

You may also have also seen Novotel and the popular mindfulness app Calm have teamed up to deliver an excellent experience together. The partnership is being launched in UK hotels and will be rolled out to 530 hotels in 60 countries.

This seems to be the first major partnership, but it’s no surprise as the fit couldn’t be better.

Why music for relaxation and hotels go together so well

Travellers are in unfamiliar settings, often tired, and needing to replenish on sleep and destress.

Music and audio can be a great partner in these circumstances, taking the listener away from their immediate stresses. Whether it’s music for relaxation, for sleeping or for working, music with purpose can really lend a hand in these circumstances.

Carefully designed music and audio, is simply a great way to communicate these positive messages with an audience, and to deliver a genuinely relaxing and pleasant experience.

Requiring minimal equipment and set up, audio like the content provided by GBM Music and other mindfulness apps, can be a great way to differentiate from the competition, highlight desirable brand values and to appeal directly to the current trend for all things well-being and mindful.

This trend is only likely to grow as people become more aware, and learn of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

You can find out more about the science behind binaural beats on our blog, and if you’re interested in working with us to offer your guests an exceptional experience, or a novel and unique way to improve their relaxation and guest experience – please get in touch.

Listen to an example of music for hotels: