Creating an Evening Routine

There’s nothing the body likes more than consistency. Our bodies like to settle into consistent cycles, waking up at approximately the same time, and going to sleep at the same time.

The problem for many of us, is that we work against these cycles. We stay up too late watching Netflix, lie in too late to recover on weekends, and generally struggle to keep any kind of consistency.

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How music helps you fall asleep faster

We all know what it feels like to be so tired, only to find an hour later, you’re lying in the dark, completely, 100% wide awake.

Not getting enough sleep can be a real vicious circle, as you become more and more anxious and stressed out as you lie awake and begin to think about all of the different ways that the next day is going to be ruined.

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Why Do We Need to Sleep?

Walk around any major city in the morning, and it’s fairly obvious that we live in a society where people aren’t sleeping well enough.

Jump on a morning train, and you’ll see commuters who woke up a few hours ago, bobbing their heads as they fall asleep again, and the yawns as the mid afternoon slump arrives.

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