Should Good Background Music Be Seen and Not Heard?

Background Music. By its very name, it’s something designed to be relegated from your consciousness, something created simply to help some other, more worthy endeavour achieve its desired result.

At GBM Music, we believe background music deserves a second chance. Forget the cheesy elevator music, the bizarre, formulaic sound of most websites – and say hello to our background music with heart.

In some cases, there’s nothing wrong with music that’s designed to fade into the background, and simply serve another purpose. There’s definitely merit to an unheard soundtrack, which elevates a film by drawing the viewer deep into the movie world.

But, equally, background music doesn’t have to play a secondary role – even in films. Take Hans Zimmer’s celebrated score from the space epic Interstellar.

That music unashamedly stands out to the audience – and the film experience is all the better for it.

At GBM Music, we want our songs to be able to stand on their own two feet. Whether they’re eventually used to soundtrack commercials, films or business presentations, our aim is to make every song a pleasant listening experience by itself.

That’s what we believe is the difference between good background music and bad background music.


So give our library a listen, and see what you think. We’ve made our albums available to download for personal use from as little as £4. The royalty-free music can, of course, be licensed separately, if you like what you hear.

What are our aims?

With GBM Music’s launch drawing ever closer – and our first album of instrumental background music in the mastering process ahead of its release – now seems like a good time to explain what we’re all about here.

As our URL suggests – we love good background music. We believe there are many uses for instrumental music and here are some of our favourites:

Films – Good music can make a good film great. Along with our major releases, we also create bespoke soundtracks for creative projects, and all of our music is available to license privately, at a fraction of the cost of employing a composer.

Reading – Music with lyrics is too distracting for most people. Having background music on can make reading all the more enjoyable, however – especially if you match your music selection to the atmosphere of your book.

Businesses – Music helps employees focus, and can greatly improve their moods. Sadly, playing most music – and even the radio – incurs huge charges from royalty collection agencies like the PRS and PPL in the UK. License our royalty-free music, and you won’t need to pay a penny extra.

Working and studying – We believe a steady beat, and the ethereal sounds of acoustic instruments mixed with swirling synths are perfect for focusing, and increasing your productivity. Try it and see what you think!

For pleasure – Let’s be honest, a lot of background music is boring, predictable and god awful. We want to keep the fun and originality in our music – to the extent that it’s enjoyable to listen to in any situation. So fire up one of our album’s on your iPad – we think you’ll be impressed!

These are our favourite uses for good background music, but what are yours? Leave us a comment letting us know, and telling us who your favourite artists are.

Our library will be growing rapidly over the coming months, so keep your eyes – and ears – peeled! Thanks for visiting!

Welcome to Good Background Music

Hi, thanks for stopping by and checking out Good Background Music.

We have music for every occasion, so give our debut release a listen, and own a copy of it for just £4!

We’ll be working hard to add more music to the site over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.

As well as the great background music, we’ll also be adding a blogs discussing music creation, and the value of background and instrumental music to concentration and creative projects.

Lastly, we’re also looking for new artists who want to work with us, and sell their music through our platform.

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