Nottingham’s an incredibly musical city, so we’re always happy to see new businesses and companies arrive in the city and invest in its potential.

One business, which has recently arrived in Nottingham, is Pirate Studios. With rehearsal spaces in Liverpool, London, Sheffield and many more, it was surely about time that Nottingham got in on the act.

Whether you’re a band, a duo or a solo artist, having somewhere where you can do your thing, without enraging your neighbours, is always useful – and regular rehearsals are hugely important if you’re going to put on a great show.

The Price

One of the first things you’ll notice about Pirate is the price – it’s pretty low. And that’s not because they’re cutting corners – amp, microphone and drum hire are all included in the price.

There are a number of room options available from small spaces, ideal for soloists or bands on a budget, right through to fully equipped rehearsal spaces for larger or more established bands. With sound treated rooms, mixers and PA system included, you can sound as loud as you like, without worrying about disturbing anyone.

Even the smaller rooms come equipped with drum kits, although you’ll need to upgrade to get cymbals and high hats included.

Getting in

With a slick online booking service, choosing your preferred time slot is pretty effortless, and you can see easily see when the rooms are booked out and free, before committing to your slot. The rooms understandably tend to be a little more expensive during peak times, but if you don’t mind rehearsing early – you can grab a room for just £4 an hour!

Once you’ve paid you’re given codes to access the building – which is located opposite Radford Recreation Ground – as well as a code for the room you’ve chosen.

On arriving, simply punch in the code, find your room and get going!

The sound

The rooms sound great, and are equipped with enough gear to mean you only really need your instrument and your band mates to get going. This means you spend less time setting up and putting things away, and more time honing your sound.

The studio offers a great space to forget about the rest of the world for a little while, and focus entirely on your music creation and rehearsal. Even better, specifically dedicating some time to your music on a regular basis will help to ensure you keep improving, and can practice in a distraction-free environment.

This is a fantastic new facility for Nottingham and one that we hope the musical community here gets behind – because this is a fantastic space for any band practice.