The Best Midi Controllers for Bringing Expression to Orchestral and Classical Music

I was recently commissioned to create a piece of classical music. Since I didn’t have a full orchestra to hand – or the budget for one – I delved deep into the fascinating world of making classical music on a laptop.

I was really impressed by the quality of samples and instruments that are available, at highly affordable and accessible pricing.

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Why Do We Love Lofi Background Music so Much?

Whether you are a student, working from a home office, or are simply trying to set the perfect mood for your evening in, it’s clear that a lot of us are head over heels in love with lofi music.

This unusual, distinctive style of music has become incredibly popular in recent years, with endless numbers of YouTube videos, Spotify playlists and new releases showcasing these gentle, nostalgic beats.

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I Need to Sleep – Our Song to Help You Get to Sleep Fast

Is there a worse feeling in the world than the one of rising panic as you endlessly toss and turn, thinking of all the ways that the following day will be ruined?

Being unable to fall asleep at night is something most of us will experience at some point in our lives, and it can quickly turn the peaceful and relaxing process of drifting away at night into something that is to be utterly dreaded.

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