If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about things outside of your control, music can be one of the best ways to find some peace.

We’ve been very busy here at GBM Music over the last few weeks and recently, we’ve been preparing lots more music for release and working on various projects.

We often release music videos on our YouTube channel for a variety of purposes like background music for study and work.

Our audience has clearly told us, however, that they really love our hand pan and tongue drum videos

So we’re very happy to say we are releasing plenty more hand pan instrument music videos over the coming weeks!

Why is hand pan music so good for relaxing?

Surprisingly, these simple videos are perhaps our most popular pieces of music.

Something about the hand pan is very relaxing to listen to, and the instrument has an incredibly soothing – some say almost healing – effect.

The music from these instruments is perfect for times when you want to switch off from the world or take a moment for yourself. 

We all have to take extra care of our minds and bodies, especially during the deeply unsettling times we are currently living in. With no shortage of external events that we cannot control it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. So take extra care to be mindful and look after your own health during these times. 

These tongue drum videos are designed to be easy to enjoy and immediately relaxing, you can also use them as the perfect soundtrack for your meditation and yoga sessions.

The simple and beautiful ringing sound of the instrument offers an easy way to unwind, and relax.

So take care of each other and check out a few of the videos we posted this week, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for plenty more.