For many of us running is an essential, if unwanted, part of our lives. We’re constantly reminded about the need to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, and one of the simplest and most accessible sports to take part in is jogging.

While a large number of us run on a regular basis, a lot would surely admit that they don’t particularly enjoy the activity, and are only doing it for the health benefits. So to make the process more enjoyable and entertaining – and to motivate us to actually get up and get outside to pound the pavements, we  turn to music.

Listening to our favourite songs is, of course, a fantastic way to boost a workout, and ensure that you’re losing the pounds, and having a little more fun while exercising. If, like me, you don’t really enjoy running, you’ll find that listening to your favourite songs  is a great way to distract yourself from the fact that you’re actually running.

Music can be incredibly motivational, and drive us on to achieve our goals.

But are we making enough use of the advantages of music?

The songs we choose to listen to have a greater impact on us when we’re exercising than we may, at first, realise.

Many runners notice that they are unconsciously matching their running with the beats of the music that they are listening to while running. This can be benefitcial, adding energy and rythm to a work out. It can can also be disruptive, however, if it causes you to run faster or slower than you want to, or you’re listening to a mix of songs which have dramatically different BPMs.

Listening to music’s been shown to increase endurance by as much as 15%, while countless studies – and personal experience – has shown that music is great for firing yourself up, lowering the perception of effort, and provides an ongoing stimulus.

If music can really influence our exercise this much, then it should be possible to create the perfect piece of music that’s designed to take you through a run, and enhance your exercising experience.

So that’s exactly what we’ve set about doing here at GBM Music. We’ve been working hard on a lengthy piece of background music that’s designed to help you run a precise distance, in a precise amount of time.

In our tests, we’ve found the results outstanding, if you fall out of sync with the beat, it’s instantly obvious, and it feels uncomfortable. So your body naturally adapts to the music, and keeps you plodding along at the right pace to match your fitness, and your goals.

You don’t have to worry about the science behind it, just plug in and lose yourself in the music, safe in the knowledge that it’s setting the perfect pace for you.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon!