It’s not often that you see a genuinely amazing YouTube video these days, but one that I’ve just seen from Wintergatan has definitely ticked that box.

Admittedly, I’m somewhat late to the party – it already has 20 million views – but if you’ve not seen the impossibly imaginative Marble Machine I kindly implore you to watch the video below:

Initially I assumed that this was simply a clever video to go along with the song, but the fact that the machine actually works, is a true testament to the creator’s ingenuity and bloodimindedness to actually see such a challenging project through to the end.

What’s more, the song is an absolutely great piece of good background music, which is always welcomed by us here at GBM!

It’s an amazing reminder that there’s more to YouTube than simply cat videos, and that there’s some incredibly inspiring people in this world.

I’d also recommend checking out the making of videos, where he goes into detail about the workings of this crazy machine, and points out some of its numerous flaws.

In the meantime, have a good week!