We’re delighted to announce our latest release – Lo-Fi Life is out now.

Lo-Fi hip hop is a genre that has received a lot of interest recently, thanks to its ability to create a cosy, productive atmosphere. Ideal for studying and working, but also relaxing, the genre was the inspiration for this versatile release, which is designed to harness everything great about this kind of music.

With its low tempo beats, and the warm crackle of vinyl in the background, there is an irresistible magic to the genre.

As always, with our music, we’ve optimised it to function effectively as background music for your tasks. Unlike the Lo-Fi music you may find elsewhere on YouTube, we’ve been careful to remove distracting elements, such as vocals and narration, which can be counterproductive, and engage the brain when you’re attempting to focus.

Lofi music Is particularly effective because it is made from simple beats, allowing your brain to focus on the tasks you want to achieve, or to simply relax and switch off.

Take a listen to our release below, and let us know what you think – we will have even more coming soon.We’ll be adding more music as 2019 comes to an end, including our much anticipated project to help you exercise more efficiently, and a project to help with reading and concentration.

Keep an eye on our blog for more.

Buy Lo-Fi Life here.

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