Top apps to help you live a happier, healthier life

If you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed out by the pace of modern life, you’re certainly not alone, and health and wellbeing is in the spotlight like never before. Smartphones often get a bad rap in this conversation, but we believe the phone can be a force for good, too.

To prove it, we’ve selected some of our favourite apps, which can help you to be calmer, work more effectively and generally happier.

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Lo-Fi Life is Out Now!

We’re delighted to announce our latest release – Lo-Fi Life is out now.

Lo-Fi hip hop is a genre that has received a lot of interest recently, thanks to its ability to create a cosy, productive atmosphere. Ideal for studying and working, but also relaxing, the genre was the inspiration for this versatile release, which is designed to harness everything great about this kind of music.

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Why is sleep so important?

As life gets busier and we try to squeeze more into less time, there’s one thing that can quickly get left behind – sleep. 

Whether you’re working on goals, staring at the TV, or bingeing on Netflix, getting enough sleep can be a real challenge for many of us. In fact, we have something of a sleep crisis taking place at the moment.

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