A lot of us suffer with self doubt, especially when it comes to our creative projects and long term goals.

It takes real courage to make yourself vulnerable and release something that you’ve created, and put a part of yourself into, out into the world for everyone to see. That’s why it’s so easy to put off finishing things, and in doing so, neglect your goals.

It’s much easier to simply never complete your projects, than to open yourself up to criticism and the views of others.

One thing it’s important to realise it that just finishing something that is meaningful for you is a real achievement in itself.

It’s valuable to make this mindset shift, and recognise that other people’s opinions are not within your control.

By redefining success as nothing more than completing your goals to a standard that you are proud of, you will often find that you remove a huge natural hurdle and improve your creative process and productivity.

Of course, it’s natural to care what others think, and scary to think that your work might be rejected. But it’s equally important to appreciate and understand that caring too much limits you.

Big scary dreams are important, but it’s equally important to be true to yourself, and actually finish what you start, if they are ever to become a reality.

A lot of the inspiration for this way of thinking came from a book I am reading called The Courage to be Disliked, which is an introduction to Adlerian Psychology, and a fascinating perspective on the world. Highly recommended!