Here at GBM Music, we’re constantly talking about the importance of getting enough sleep.

Our release Send Me to Sleep (A song to fall asleep to) is one of our most popular, and sadly, a huge number of us struggle to sleep at night.

Sleep is back in the news at the moment, following a study which shows that most people aren’t getting enough sleep, and exploring the health impacts of this.

Sleep is linked with a huge number of health benefits, and can make us more productive and effective at work.

The research found that we, on average, sleep for just six hours a night. 

We hear various reasons about why people might be struggling to sleep, from having too much light in their rooms, to setting the wrong temperature, and using too much tech before bed.

This latest study suggests that a lack of sleep can actually cause increased dehydration the next day.

The research, published in SLEEP, found that those who slept for six hours had more concentrated urine than those who were getting a more healthy eight hours.

The report concluded: ‘Short sleep duration was associated with higher odds of inadequate hydration in US and Chinese adults relative to sleeping eight hours.’

The authors suggest drinking more water if you’re feeling tired after not enough sleep, as chances are, you’re body might be dehydrated.

And if struggling to nod off at night is one of the reasons why your sleep quality is suffering, we’d suggest taking a listen to our song below, which is especially designed to guide you into a peaceful sleep: