We like to help musicians and creatives stay on the ball and be as productive as possible, which is why we had to share a review of something that’s been sweeping the GBM office and is genuinely changing how our musicians work and make music.

If you’re anything like me, you know how annoying it can be having to cut a studio session short because your stomach is rumbling.

Perhaps you’re a new parent, or a hobbyist musician struggling to fit in time for your passion around other commitments and work?

Personally I find that all too often I’ll come back after a long day of work, cook for an hour, and eat a meal in-front of the TV. The whole process can easily eat up two hours of the evening, and soon enough it’s time for bed without getting any music down! I’m often left wondering where the time has gone, and regretting failing to be more productive.

But what is the solution?

Believe it or not, it appears to be a weird form of powdered food…

Bear with me on this one, because the concept of Huel is a little out there. Essentially it’s a mixed up powder made from natural ingredients like oats and pea proteins. It’s been scientifically balanced to include an optimal mix of all of the vitamins and nutrients that humans need. It seems counterintuitive, but in theory this meal of this murky gloop is perhaps the healthiest thing you can possibly eat.

It takes a little getting used to – and is much better blended up with a banana than eaten on its own – but Huel is proving to be a genuinely effective way to essentially skip a meal without resorting to junk food, or something unhealthy and lacking in any useful nutrients.

Some people go a bit crazy with the Huel and have a smoothie for every meal – and it’s also apparently quite an effective way to lose weight and monitor calorie intake – but I’ve simply been using it as a way to replace meals I can’t be bothered with. I often find it a pain to head out to buy a sandwich at lunchtime, or to pre-prepare something, so this is the perfect lazy way to fill yourself up, and crack on with your work in the extra time you have made for yourself.

It’s so easy to mix up a bottle and throw it in a bag before heading out to the studio for a couple of hours in an evening, and the mix of ingredients will keep you going and slowly release its energy.

My recommendation is to try it out with a banana and some crushed ice first, blended up in a £20 smoothie maker from Amazon. For the ultimate convenience, however, you can simply add a few scoops to water and shake it up in a protein shaker. This can be a little lumpy and hard to enjoy, however.

So if you’re looking for a healthy way to skip some meals so you can be more creative – we heartily recommend giving Huel a try!

You can find their website here.