Christmas is almost here again, and finding great gifts for the creatives in your life can be a real challenge. We’ve put together a list to help you pick out some gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their faces:

Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are an increasingly popular way to organise your life. Using a simple system, such as the one described in Ryder Carroll’s highly recommended book, Bullet Journal Method, a bullet journal is a refreshing, offline way to organise thoughts and ideas.

Bullet journals can be pretty and flowery, or simple and functional – the system can be adapted to taste.

Give the creative the book to teach the method or, if they’re already a convert, a fresh bullet journal will always be handy.

The Secret Lives of Color Book

Creative people tend to love two things – colours and stories.

The Secret Lives of Color is a beautifully visual book combines the two, and is a fantastic present for any creative – whether they are a designer, or simply like well designed and interesting things.

A Subscription

Sometimes choosing a physical present can be a challenge, especially if you don’t live with the person. A subscription is a great gift to give that can have a lasting positive impact.

We recommend Skillshare for learning new skills, CreativeLive for well produced individual courses, or Masterclass for endless inspiration from amazing creative minds.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is a great service to get your gift receiver reading more, while Audible is perfect for those who want to listen on the go. We find Audible is particularly good for non-fiction books.

You could even gift them a GBM Music subscription – to ensure they have unlimited access to all of the music we release in the next 12 months to give them a complete musical toolkit to improve the quality of their life!


Music is usually pretty important to creative people, and for that reason, headphones are always a good bet.

With headphones there is endless choice – but for sheer convenience, the Apple’s AirPods are hard to beat, or even the fancier AirPods Pro.

Travellers will love the noise cancelling Sony WH1000XM3, for outside the box thinking, the Bose Frames are pretty great, while on a budget, we like this set from Cowin.


Smart speakers are hard to avoid these days, and while they may take some getting used to, we do think they are a good addition to the house.

They make playing more music effortless, which is always a good thing as far as we are concerned.

They are also getting cheaper and cheaper, as well as more subtle.

The Echo Dot is a small and affordable option.


A good backpack is always useful for on-the-go types, especially this one from a company called Sosoon, which has more compartments and spaces than you can imagine.

Charge your phone, hook your sunglasses, and store your wallet securely – this backpack does it all!

Water bottle

We all know we should drink more water, and more and more people are worried about plastic use – the solution? A nice water bottle.

We recommend one of these popular, stylish Chilly’s options.

Coffee Cup

On a similar theme, single use coffee cups are also very problematic. A nice reusable coffee cup will always be appreciated. We recommend glass, as these do not effect the flavour.

Even better, bringing your own cup will often land you a discount at your favourite coffee shop!

Try this option from KeepCup.


We have long been a fan of Huel – a form of powdered, vegan-friendly meal, which is packed full of vitamins and nutrients.

It may not sound great, but being able to shake up a nutritious meal whenever you want is a huge timesaver – and makes it easy for people who travel a lot to eat a little better.

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