The run up to Christmas can be a stressful time if you’re struggling to think of what to buy people for Christmas, and are a little short of ideas.
But fear not, we’re here to recommend some of our favourite gift ideas and items for the creative-minded people in your lives.

So without further ado, here’s our top-5 Christmas gift ideas:

1. Philips Hue Lights

Is there any creative space that couldn’t be improved by fun, customisable coloured lights?

The Philips Hue bulbs can simply screw into your sockets to replace your existing bulbs, and then give you the option to switch the colours using your phone, or Alexa smart speakers.

Great for immediately setting any vibe you wish, and for generating a creative atmosphere at the touch of an app. They also have neat features like the ability to slowly brighten in the morning, simulating a sun rise.

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2. A Subscription to Masterclass

This is far from the cheapest option for a gift, but the recipient of an ‘All Access’ subscription to Masterclass will be eternally grateful.

We love this website, which brings genuinely inspiring and impressive individuals to your screen, promising to share the secrets of their success with you.

Immaculately produced, and lovingly put together content makes these Masterclasses incredibly enjoyable to watch and packed full of richly valuable insights. If you can stomach the price, this is a real gold mind for creative individuals who are looking for a little inspiration.

Whether it’s architecture, cooking, writing or music production that you want to learn, there is a masterclass for everyone – and they feature genuinely impressive names like Gordon Ramsey, Armin Van Buuren or Hans Zimmer.

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3. CreativeLive

Sign Up at CreativeLiveIf you’re on a smaller budget than the Masterclass subscription, CreativeLive classes can be a great option instead. These are also incredibly inspiring, and taught by knowledgeable people across a range of creative disciplines.

Perfect for creative freelancers or small business owners, there is a great range of classes, which are jam-packed full of useful, actionable information and advice.

They regularly run various sales, so keep an eye out for good offers if you’re looking to buy classes.

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3. Huel

We’ve talked about Huel in the past, and that’s because if you ‘get’ the idea behind it, it can be a real game changer.

Basically, Huel is powdered food, which you then add water to, before giving it a shake and drinking (sort of like a protein shake).

If that concept makes you feel sick, it’s probably best to move on – but if not keep reading!

The meals are packed full of vitamins and minerals, meaning Huel is a quick and easy way to enjoy a balanced, nourishing meal on the go, with practically no preparation required.

This is ideal for creatives and people who are constantly on the move. If the person you’re buying for is someone who wastes too much time thinking about what to have for lunch, for example, then this is an easy and effective way to enjoy a healthy meal, without wasting even a tiny bit of time and energy.

We definitely recommend giving it a try!

You’ll also get £10 off your first order if you click through here.

4. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2

If you’re buying for someone who loves music, then this bluetooth speaker is ideal. It sounds great, is loud and easy to use.

The best feature, however, is that it’s waterproof! So they can grab it and enjoy a proper singalong in the shower.

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Enjoy our electronic take on some Christmas classics!

5. Oculus Go

This is another expensive option, but any true gadget head will love you forever if you splash out on it for them.

Bringing impressive virtual reality into the mainstream, this is a sleek (for a massive headset) powerful and standalone device.

Enjoy movies on a ginormous cinema screen, dive into immersive games and much more. If you’ve never tried virtual reality before, then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

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6. Pomodoro Technique Timer

We absolutely love the Pomodoro Technique, which is a powerful productivity technique that helps you to break down bigger projects into smaller, more manageable parts.

By working for 25-minutes at a time, on specific tasks, it helps to eliminate energy wasted on attempting to multi-task, and to actually get work done rather than procrastinating, or feeling intimidated by how much needs doing.

Our latest musical release is designed around the technique (released tomorrow!) – or you can go old fashioned and use a timer to keep you on task.

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7. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator – PO-32

We recently reviewed (and loved) Teenage Engineering’s latest magical creation, the OP-Z (read it here) but for those on a smaller budget, the PO-32 can be a powerful and fun introduction to music creation – as well as an incredibly powerful pocket-sized tool for more experienced producers.

Modelled on the popular Microtonic VST from Sonic Charge, it’s a versatile and unusual sounding drum synth, and absolutely perfect for creating glitchy beats. It communicates with the software, meaning you can load up an ever changeable palette of sounds to work with.

The novelty of creating music on a calculator-sized device makes it a great choice this Christmas.

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8. The Korg Nanostudio

We’ve been travelling a lot this year, and we wouldn’t have been anywhere near as productive without this miniature beast.

Effectively a condensed music studio that you can throw in your bag, it has all the knobs, buttons and features to achieve most musical tasks, and take full control of your DAW while on the road.

It’s also been a great way to make the most of our next recommendation…

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9. A Melodics Subscription

If you have any interest in finger drumming and making music, then you need to try Melodics. You can imagine it as a finger drum version of Guitar Hero, so you’re effectively tapping along to a scrolling display of beats.

Over time, you’ll quickly see improvements if you use the software regularly, and they also offer lessons to improve your keyboard playing. In our experience this wasn’t as fun and intuitive as the beats, but it’s still worth a try – especially if you want to learn some basic music theory.

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