Run Faster – Make Real Progress

Music that motivates you, paces you, and pushes you 

What if there was a simple and effective way to improve your pace and run faster?

Our new musical creation guides you through your run at a steady pace of your choosing. Once you’ve mastered the pace, you can progress to the next version of the song – pushing yourself to the next level.

Designed to lock you into the beat, running at a specific, pre-determined pace feels utterly natural and instinctive. The song is energised and evolving, helping you to keep going, and improve in a sustainable, sensible way.

This technique stops you running too fast at the start and loosing energy, dipping in speed as you start to get tired, or leaving too much in the tank.

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How to use our exercise song

This song is a high-energy, composition, designed to guide you through the perfect run. With your purchase you will receive several versions of the song – which play back at different speeds.

By working through the speeds, you can improve your pace in a systemised, sensible way. You’ll know roughly what time your run will be completed in before you’ve even left the house.

Work out your current pace

First you need to find out your current pace. The speed of our song is measured in ‘steps per minute’. Try a comfortable paced run, and count how many steps you take in 60 seconds. That’s your current steps per minute.

Choose the right song version for your pace

Now you have your ‘steps per minute’ you can choose the appropriate version of the song. If you are comfortable running 130 SPM, then you can try to push yourself with the 135 SPM version, which will be slightly faster, encouraging you to run slightly faster.

Master it!

The technique works best when you don’t try to push too hard, too quickly. Make sure you’re comfortable running with your current version before moving onto the next one.

Gradually work up through the versions

Over time, you can use the different versions of the song to be more concious and effiicient in your exercise. The music is the perfect pace setter, and you will know exactly how long you’ll be running for. You can even measure your step lengths to predict distances.


While the song is designed as an effective tool for focussed exercise, we’ve also made it fun to listen to! We believe it should fade into the background and subconsciously hook you into the right pace, so you don’t have to worry about it and can exercise with the reassurance that you’re making progress.

Music can have a positive influence on productivity – but it should be lyric-free so it’s not distracting, and it should have a simple structure that’s why our song has a single beat throughout and develops slowly 

Studies show that human speech (such as office noise) is particularly distracting 2our music can mask voices, allowing you to focus properly and make the most of each ‘pomodoro’ 

Evidence suggests popular music can be more distracting 3 Music with adverts between songs can also affect focus – our music is all original, creative and interesting, making it a great alternative to Spotify.

Familiar music can keep you focussed. Music can also improve your mood, which has a positive effect on productivity 4 – after a few listens, our song will keep you on track and nodding along as you work. 

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