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Here you’ll find all the links we reference on our Instagram posts. We keep them here in a handy list so it’s easy to find any links mentioned in old posts.

Bose Frames Review

 We review the Bose Frames – let’s see if they are up to scratch!

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Limited Time: Groupees Offer!

Grab an absolute bargain bundle of music, including Volume 2 of Good Background Music. 20% goes straight to charity too!

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GL-1 Guitalele Review

Find out what we thought about the travel-sized Guitalele from Yamaha:

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Retro Animation Music

Here’s the accompanying music that we posted with our retro animation.

It’s called Pressured, and it’s from the album Good Background Music – Volume 2 (Euphoria), which you can find here.

Music is Magic – Our Mission

Music is magic – here at GBM Music, we love music, and we believe it can play an even more important role in our lives.

We all enjoy listening to music, but what if other benefits could be added?

It’s our goal to make music that has a practical purpose and can help you achieve real goals and real success in your life.

We believe that music can help in a number of ways. Listening to the right songs can have a motivating effect, and we add a sprinkle of science and psychology to create songs, sounds and soundscapes that can have real, positive effects. 

Interested? Watch our intro video, and take a look at our full music library.  

Breathe – Take a few seconds to unwind, with our Chilled Vibes EP

We all know we should take it easy, but how many of us actually listen to that advice? Or even if we do, there never seems to be the time to just stop and actually let our busy minds relax. 

This EP of four tracks is designed to help you take a break – so grab a coffee and enjoy!

Chilled Vibes EP

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