With GBM Music’s launch drawing ever closer – and our first album of instrumental background music in the mastering process ahead of its release – now seems like a good time to explain what we’re all about here.

As our URL suggests – we love good background music. We believe there are many uses for instrumental music and here are some of our favourites:

Films – Good music can make a good film great. Along with our major releases, we also create bespoke soundtracks for creative projects, and all of our music is available to license privately, at a fraction of the cost of employing a composer.

Reading – Music with lyrics is too distracting for most people. Having background music on can make reading all the more enjoyable, however – especially if you match your music selection to the atmosphere of your book.

Businesses – Music helps employees focus, and can greatly improve their moods. Sadly, playing most music – and even the radio – incurs huge charges from royalty collection agencies like the PRS and PPL in the UK. License our royalty-free music, and you won’t need to pay a penny extra.

Working and studying – We believe a steady beat, and the ethereal sounds of acoustic instruments mixed with swirling synths are perfect for focusing, and increasing your productivity. Try it and see what you think!

For pleasure – Let’s be honest, a lot of background music is boring, predictable and god awful. We want to keep the fun and originality in our music – to the extent that it’s enjoyable to listen to in any situation. So fire up one of our album’s on your iPad – we think you’ll be impressed!

These are our favourite uses for good background music, but what are yours? Leave us a comment letting us know, and telling us who your favourite artists are.

Our library will be growing rapidly over the coming months, so keep your eyes – and ears – peeled! Thanks for visiting!