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10 December 2017

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Nottingham Music Label Aiming to Spread Festive Cheer this Christmas

Electronic Christmas Cover

A Nottingham music label, GBM Music, has released a brand new Christmas EP, reinterpreting seasonal classics into electronic anthems – […]

27 April 2017

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New Gear Warning – Akai Professional MPC Live

mpc live purchase-01

It happened again… Here at GBM Music we love to create background music as varied and interesting as possible, and […]

14 November 2016

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Good background music for your business presentations

Background music for business

Whatever business you’re in, pitching your presentations just right can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to look […]

12 October 2016

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Does music really help you read better?

Does Music really help you read better?

If you like to read, chances are you’ll have often wondered about the effects that listening to music has on […]

02 June 2016

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Is Background Music ‘Hellish’?

Music in stores... is it right?

News broke recently that one of Britain’s high street stalwarts Marks and Spencer has taken the decision to ban piped in […]

05 March 2016

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The GBM Music Office Chart – March

Girl with Wireless Headphones Enjoying Music Laying on Grass in a Park.

Taking a little bit of inspiration from Radiohead’s Office Chart, here’s what we’re listening to this week in GBM Towers. […]

27 February 2016

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Cravings for the Country is Out Now!

Cravings for the Country Background Music

Here at GBM Music, we like to treat you to as much new music as we can. We’ve been busy […]

12 January 2016

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Can Background Music Boost Your Productivity?

Girl with headphones listening to the music in a laptop on the bed at home

Music’s ability to alter moods is well documented. We can find comfort, motivation and inspiration in the music we listen […]

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