12 January 2016

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Can Background Music Boost Your Productivity?

Girl with headphones listening to the music in a laptop on the bed at home

Music’s ability to alter moods is well documented. We can find comfort, motivation and inspiration in the music we listen […]

10 January 2016

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The Perils of Making Music for Work

Man working on music

Most amateur musicians dream of being able to live off their music, and of taking the leap from keen amateur to […]

09 July 2015

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Making Music on the Move

GBM Background1

I’ve recently been doing a lot of travelling, and the thing that’s made the endless departure lounge waits, crawling traffic […]

09 July 2015

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Beating DAW Overload

Man playing guitar for DAW

When it comes to making music, there really are increasingly few excuses for failing to be productive. While in the […]

11 June 2015

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Get a Free Track – Right Now!

GBM logo

To celebrate the release of our debut album of Good Background Music, we’re giving away an exclusive bonus track to […]

04 April 2015

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Review of Teenage Engineering’s Latest Pocket Wonder – the PO-12


I’ll make no bones about it, this ‘review’ is going to be incredibly biased, because I am in love with Teenage […]

12 March 2015

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How We Make Good Background Music

Piano keyboard background with selective focus. Warm color toned image

At GBM Music we have a simple principle – good background music should stand up on its own. If we […]

10 March 2015

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Should Good Background Music Be Seen and Not Heard?

Girl with Wireless Headphones Enjoying Music Laying on Grass in a Park.

Background Music. By its very name, it’s something designed to be relegated from your consciousness, something created simply to help […]

24 February 2015

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What are our aims?


With GBM Music’s launch drawing ever closer – and our first album of instrumental background music in the mastering process […]

07 October 2014

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Welcome to Good Background Music

GBM Background1

Hi, thanks for stopping by and checking out Good Background Music. We have music for every occasion, so give our […]

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